The necessary skills capacity

A surge in Open Data and available data requires tools and capacity to handle/manage it. Geekulcha will drive skills development programmes for the crew and the community. Basic data knowledge programmes will be rolled out across the country.

Better consumers of information

Local institutions must avail quality data to the Innovators and/or Entrepreneurs in order to best provide services for the citizens. Adequate data for the location in subject - the data will give rise to Digital Knowledge and Innovation.

The world moves

The industry has been going through evolution with industrial phases. Open Data can be of great use for the next indurial revolution. We understand that the Internet Economy plays a critical role and must be enabled and realized for all.

Use it right

Geekulcha promotes a good use of Open Data for knowldge and development of our societies. This involves educating good practices into the community, the holders and innovators on how to deal with data effectively.


In line with its Digital Collaborative Economy strategy, Geekulcha promotes and drive open science in the community. This is an intention to grow STEM interest and driving a wide participation in science at large.

Getting the right data

There are various organizations that drive the release of Open Data and provide the necessary platforms. Geekulcha serve as a Data hunter on demand for use on innovation through hackathons and dataquests.

Open Data for Innovation

The age of digital knowledge

Open Data refers to data that is freely available, can be accessed, used and/or changed and republished by anyone. This is not a new concept but has been given a greater spotlight recently to promote Open Governance and Democracy.

Geekulcha has taken a stand to help drive the Open Data movement in South Africa in efforts to growing Innovation and Smart Citizenship. Data is an important aspect of our lives and its import to understand, manage, use, present and decide from it.




Open Data Programmes


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