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The Maker Initiative

Founded in 2014, Geekulcha Makers is part of the Geekulcha Research and Development portfolio aimed at giving a platform for electronics students to connect, learn, share and put skills to real use.

Taking advantage of open source, Geekulcha Makers build prototypes of innovative solutions. Stimulating and driving a Maker Culture amongst the students society. Geekulcha Makers focuses on these aspects:

  • * Research and Development
  • * Project Development
  • * Hackathons
  • * Empowerment (MakerSense)
  • * Innovation
  • * Optical Tech for Africa
  • * Arduino Day South Africa
  • * Data Science

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MakerSense Community

Electronics Meets Mobile World

MakerSense is a Geekulcha Maker initiative where students meet to connect, learn, share and put skills to real use with and build electronics systems solutions. Every month, a topic of focus is chosen and Makers build projects/solutions based on the topic.

This is the spirit!

Learn how to develop a mobile app that connect to electronics hardware. Everything is getting smarter and we are behind the Master Plans, let's Make.

It's about Collaboration and Co-creation. Together we make light work and it's fun when we do it together

In this growing world, it's all about the BIG 4 phenomenons: Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

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Simple Hologram

Making holograms from CD cases and projecting with a smart phone in Soweto, eKasi Lab.

Smart Pipes

#gkVacWork: A group of high scholars mentored by Dineo Maltjie develop a system to check water and report water leakage in pipes.

2016 Midway Mayhem

SkateHacks corner at the Midway Mayhem, engaing with skaters to find innovative ways to make skateboards smart and cool.

Water Management

#gkVacWork: Water management system, filtering clean water and use it for domestic purposes


Exercise done the fun and right way. You can't cheat the system.

Smart Home

Have your home call you when conditions change


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Tiyani Nghonyama

Program Lead

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Samuel Baloyi

Lead Developer

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Solly Cossa

Sensor Tech

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Jonathan Mayunga

Graphics Designer


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