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The 4IR




Geek Makers

Created in 2014, Geekulcha Makers is part of the Geekulcha efforts in building capacity in the Smart Growing World portfolio aimed at giving a platform for electronics students to connect, learn, share and put skills to real use.

Taking advantage of Open Source, Geekulcha enables Makers to build prototypes of innovative solutions. Stimulating and driving a Maker Culture amongst the students society. Geekulcha Makers focuses on these aspects:

Making a Geek Culture of Sustainable Innovation

gkMakers initiative setup Maker spaces at at Hackathons and the Geekulcha VacWork programme to help young makers make IoT-based solutions.

Electronics Wednesday

SkateHacks at ArduinoDaySA

MakerEdu Conference

Daily UI #003

Electronics Wednesday

Electronics Wednesdays are days set for hands-on learning, playinng round with hardware and build on projects.

Anyone interested in starting with electronics or seeking to prototype their solution may take part in the Electronics Wednesday sessions.

Weekly Focus

Coonect and Learn

Prototype IoT MVPs

Next Electronics Wednesday: January 2019

gkMakers Portfolio

The gkMakers Mantra


The initiative seeks to help grow the Maker Culture in SA and championing a sustainable ecosystem by enabling and exposing Makers to various structures and tools.


A Smart Growing World requires a greater skills for the future - gkMakers also seeks to groom the younger generation with transfromational skills of tomorrow.


Makers Make! With tools, life-changing projects gets built - there has to be an element of sustainability. gkMakers is there to help guide young makers grow.

The Maker Library network

Geekulcha Maker Library activities from March 2016 to March 2017. The Maker Library Network is a global project by the British Council.

Checkout The Projects


A collection of books ranging from design to tinkering forms part of the Maker Library Network structure and open to all for reading.


Enabling a space for makers to make and ecourage co-creativity at Hackathons, the main space, skate parks and in pop-up events.


The Maker Library Network celebrates human achievement and showcases the creative work of various makers in the maker ecosystem.


Prince Harry

Meeting and showcasing projects to Prince Harry during his visit to South Africa


Geekulcha Hackathon

Enabling Makers at the 2016 Geekulcha annual Hackathon in Pretoria


Maker Afternoon

Making with Data at the CSIR DSIDE programme with VacWor students

Highlighted Makers


Makers meet...

Skaters meet...
I am a Maker

STEM Excitation

Maths and Science in Practice

SkateHacks was created to build more interest and get more young people involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics careers. Young people get to be hands-on invloved.

This is physics and mathematics application in the real-world as the young people get to be test various scientific principles with the help of Technology.


Enhanced and Interactive

How can Technology and Data be used to improve the game of Skateboarding? SkateHacks challenges young innovators to build human-centred designed solutions to enhance the game.

Makers Making


Building a connected-world, the SkateHacks initiative gets innovators making electronics systems, using sensors and communication modules to gather data from the skateboard and in turn hence the game.

Hackathons Integration

The Skaters Challenge

Hackathons are a great place to build tech solutions rapidly. SkateHacks is added as a challenge at Hackathons anmd the VacWork programme.


Arduino Day 2019

Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration of Arduino's birthday. It's a 24 hours-long event organized directly by the community, or by the Arduino team - where people interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences and learn more.

All Arduino user groups, makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, associations, teachers, pros and newbies are welcome to participate.

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// put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {
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What to expect...

Arduino Day 2018 will bring together Makers, Coders, Innovators, Enthesiasts, Thought Leaders, etc. on a day of sharing thoughts and making tech solutions in light of Living4IR.

Making a Geek Culture of Sustainable Innovation

10% Complete (success)
Talks 10%
5% Complete (info)
Networking 5%
80% Complete (warning)
Hands-on 80%
5% Complete (danger)
Pitches 5%

2016 Partners/Sponsors


First ArduinoDaySa edition, the youngstest participant was 11 years old and about 15 projects were worked on. Students projects were also demonstrated.

Speakers included then CEO of The Innovation Hub, City of Tshwane SD on Innovaiton and Research, CEO of mLab SA, CEO of Nunnovation and others.

#ArduinoDaySA 2015

122 Makers

Powered by The Innovation Hub and the British Council's ConnectZA, this edition was combined with the national Hack4Water challenge.

Home-made drones, smart skateboards, mobile-controlled wire cars, etc. were amongst the projects developed and showcased at ArduinoDaySA 2016.

#ArduinoDaySA 2016

84 Makers

Open Data for Innovation and Smart Citizenship
Civic TechInnovationOpen GovernanceData Economy
Open Data

data that is freely available, can be accessed, used and/or changed and republished by anyone.

The age of the Internet Economy, it is a requirement to have basic Digital skills. It's also important to be knowledgeable about the world and systems around us. Open Data can help accelerate this cause.

ODISC Platform   Request Data

South African Open Data Portal
Mostly Governmental Data
OpenUp South Africa
All kind of data
Municipal Money
Data from National Treasury
IEC Elections API
South African elections data
SANSA Space Weather
Weather in space
World Skateboarding Federation
Skaters rankings worldwide
Stats SA
General data/information on South African population

Information Security

Fighting off Digital Zombies

Many Possibilities bring Vulnerabilities as the tech world evolves. We need to build capacity to help protect Information and critical infractures. Geekulcha's aim is to groom Information Security skills in the digital ecosystem.

This is the drive on the ground

* Information Security Hackathon
* Teenagers InfoSec skills through the gkVacWork
* User and Developer workshops

Be part of the initiatives to equip yourselves for the era of 4IR - When Connected, Stay Protected!

#SafeHack #SS19Hack #gkVacWork